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A fairytale wedding in paradise – at The Venetian on Grace Bay

Did you say “I Do”?  Splendid!

The dappled sunlight is peeking through the swaying palm fronds. The gulls are squawking overhead. The sweet, aromatic scents of tropical flowers in bloom provide overwhelmingly beautiful scents. The gentle lapping of the ocean can be heard from a distance. A warm Caribbean ocean breeze is gently caressing your face as you stare at your loved one, warmth, compassion and delight in his eyes

Your mother in the front row, is dabbing at her eyes, the tears of pleasure streaking down her face. You are moved with emotion, delighted and dizzy with pleasure and overwhelmed with happiness, joy and excitement all at the same time.

Take a snapshot of this moment in your head and remember it for the rest of your life. Few moments will ever be as wonderful as this. This will hold in your memory and in your heart as one of the best days of your life for years and years to come.

Hopefully, you have made the excellent decision to get married in the blissful environs of the Turks & Caicos. Have you ever considered a destination wedding? A destination wedding can make your special day all the more aweinspiring by providing you with a glorious back-drop of sun, surf and sand. It can create unique memories for you and for your family and friends. It can begin the everlasting journey that you embark on with your significant other in a most special and remarkable way.

We here at the Venetian can host such a wonderful and exceptional wedding for any of our most valued and treasured guests. Let us help you create an event to remember.

Indeed, you can have the wedding of your choice at the Venetian. Have you ever considered a themed wedding? The options are limitless

Why not consider……….

Having a tropical-themed wedding! Bring the Caribbean delights of the Turks and Caicos to your special occasion. Exchange vows in a garden full of fragrant tropical blossoms, such as the bougainvillea in fuschia, white and purple. Hire some local bands to perform Calypso or Reggae music for your reception. Hang lanterns and place floating candles in the pool and let the partying and dancing continue on well into the night.


Have a classy, traditional affair with white and silver place settings and champagne on ice. Let the elegance and refinery of the grounds of the Venetian provide the perfect setting, and as the sun sets as the reception commences, let dimly-lit candlelight and warm tropical breezes create a romantic and magical ambiance.


Get married at sea! Charter your own vessel and have nautically-themed nuptials. Say “I do” overlooking the amazing hues of the turquoise, azure, cobalt blue and sea foam green hues of the water. Watch for brightly colored coral reefs, schools of exotic fish, or even, if you’re lucky, a bottle nose dolphin or two! Also enjoy the scenery you pass as the white sandy beaches, gentle rolling hills, lush green islets and cays and mangroves flow on by. Should you get married in the evening, the vibrantly colored glow worms will add some extra panache and excitement to an already blissful day.


Have a casual beach BBQ wedding. Light a bonfire, fire up the tiki torches and get married under a blissfully starry night. With the palm trees swaying in the cool evening ocean breezes, take a dip in the ocean after your vows, then let the party really begin.

Whatever you choose, the Venetian is here to assist you with your special day. This is the stuff that dreams are made of. Create special and amazing memories that will last a lifetime with a destination wedding in the Turks. Start your life together in an exotic tropical locale that provides the beauty, luxury and splendor that every wedding deserves.


© The Venetian on Grace Bay
The Venetian on Grace Bay
Listing Type : Wedding Venues / Hotel
Hotel Class : *****
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